‘Save to My Map’ – A missing (hyper)link

Today, while trying to help one of my friend plan his Yellow Stone trip, I created a Google Map of one of my most memorable road trip (image below). For long, I have been thinking of creating a map of this road trip and today, finally, I got a chance and reason to do it.
Creating the map of my road trip was a piece of cake. It took me less than five minutes to generate the map. I just went to Google Maps, clicked on driving directions, gave the starting and ending locations and kept adding destinations. However, to my surprise, I realized that there is no way to save the map in “My Maps”, a feature that Google rolled out for quite some time now.
My Road Trip
My Road Trip
Initially, I though that I am missing a button or a link that will say “Save to My Maps”. This is an obvious feature for a company like ‘Google’ which believes in simplicity and integration, it is highly unlikely that they missed out this simple feature. However, after scanning the whole page almost for 10 minutes, I gave it up and started googling.
Here is what I discovered,
  1. There is no way to save driving direction to ‘My Maps’.
  2. The only way to do that is export direction as KML file and then import them in my maps. However, if you have multi-destination, which is in my case, there is no way to export KML file. Someone wrote a script to do that, but the server isn’t working anymore 😦
More details on this topic can be found from this forum discussion.
Man..now I will have to wait more before I can finally create a nice map of my road trip 😦

2 thoughts on “‘Save to My Map’ – A missing (hyper)link

  1. In case you haven’t figured this out by yourself already, I send/save *maps* and *directions* by copying the url from the “Link” on the top right of my google maps screen – This url is updated for each destination/route change etc.

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