PDF: Resume, Portfolio, LinkedIn Profile


PhD. The Pennsylvania State University (PSU), State College, PA.
Department of Geography, May 2010
Thesis: Mapping Trajectories Of Inquiries [PDF]
Advisor: Dr. Donna Peuquet and Dr. Mark Gahegan

M.S. Transportation Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)
, Urbana, IL
Department of Civil Engineering, May 2004

B.E., Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT), Nagpur, India
Department of Civil Engineering, May 2002
Thesis: Design and Analysis of Water Distribution System Using GIS


  • Member of Technical Research, AT&T Labs Research, San Francisco, CA. Sept 10 – Present
  • Research Engineer, AT&T Interactive. San Francisco, CA. Dec 08 – Sept 10
  • Research Intern, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), WA. May 06 – August 06
  • Research Assistant, The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA. Aug 04 – Aug 08
  • Research Intern, National Center of Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), IL. May 04 – Aug 08
  • Research Assistant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), IL. Jan 03 – May 04
  • Trainee, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India. Oct 00 – Nov 00


Ritesh Agrawal, James Shanahan. (2010). “Location Disambiguation in Local Searches Using Gradient Boosted Decision Trees“. ACM GIS (SIGSPATIAL) 2010. San Jose, CA [PDF]

Mark Gahegan, Ritesh Agrawal, Anuj Jaiswal, Junyan Luo, Kean-Huat Soon. (2008). “A Platform for Visualizing and Experimenting with Measures of Semantic Similarity in Ontologies and Concept Maps”. Transactions in GIS. 12(6):713-732

Ritesh Agrawal, William Pike. (2008). “Capturing visualizing and sharing the process of data analysis“. DHS Summit, Washington, DC  [PDF]

Mark Gahegan, Ritesh Agrawal, Tawan Banchue, David DiBiase. (2007). “Building rich, semantic descriptions of learning activities to facilitate reuse in digital libraries“. International Journal on Digital Libraries. 7(1-2):81-97 [PDF]

Mark Gahegan, Ritesh Agrawal, Anuj Jaiswal, Kean-Huat Soon. (2007). “Measures of similarity for integrating conceptual geographical knowledge: some ideas and some questions”. International Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT 2007) [PDF]

Stephen Weaver, Ritesh Agrawal. (2007). “On the Brink: Using Visual Analytics to Explore Decisions Made During the Cuban Missile Crisis”. Annual Meeting of American Association of Geographers. [LINK]

Ritesh Agrawal, Donna Peuquet. (2006). “A unified task taxonomy of spatial analytical and visualization operations”, GIScience 2006

Ritesh Agrawal. (2003). “Space time analysis in an Enterprise GIS”, University Consortium for Geographic Information Systems [PDF]

Ritesh Agrawal, Deepa Bansod. (2002). “Design and Analysis of Water Distribution System”, Nirmittee 2002. Pune, India.

Ritesh Agrawal. (2002). “Sanitary Landfill”. Institute of Engineers, Annual Technical Paper Meet. Nagpur, India.

Ritesh Agrawal. (2002). “Rehabilitation of Bridges”. Institute of Engineers, Annual Technical Paper Meet. Nagpur, India

Professional Service

* International Journal of GIS Trends, Editorial Board Member
* International Conference of Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM 2011), Webmaster
* External Reviewer for ACM GIS 2010, CIKM 2010, WSDM 2011, International Journal of Image and Data Fusion
* Program Committee Memeber

One thought on “Resume

  1. Hi Ritesh,

    Sorry to hear about the way you had your acl tear – having an acl injury is terrible by itself, but going through the mugging is awful.

    I just had acl reconstruction using an allograft and am about 10 days post op.

    Would it be possible to speak to you about your recovery process etc from the acl surgery? I am in the SF bay area. I can send you my ph no. over email.



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