Information Overload
1. Information Ourselves To Death – An interesting speech given by Neil Postman at German Informatics Society in 1990. Neil Postman, an American Professor, media theorist, and cultural critic, talks about information overload from a user perspective.

2.  Amusing Ourselves to Death  – A book published by Neil Postman

3. Knowledge Navigator – Following the release of John Sculley’s book “Odyssey” in 1987, Apple released this videos to demonstrate some some of the ideas mentioned in Odyssey. Knowledge Navigator is a conceptual idea of a device that can access a large networked database of hypertext information and use software agents to assist searching for information.

4. Memex – Following World War II, Vannevar Bush envisioned a machine to deal with the problem of Information overload. Although, he never used the term “information overload”,as the term “Information overload” first came into existence in 1971, the problems he mentioned directly link to information overload problems

5. Machine Learning Resources

6. Math


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