Google Scholar Webservice (Beta)

Google Scholar is a valuable resource for all students and academic professionals. However, its potential usage is seriously limited by the lack of an API. Since Google never bothered to create one, I tried to create one myself. I have created a REST service which can take a query string and returns back first 10 articles from the google scholar and the associated authors (that google display’s in the left column). Currently, the webservice will return article title, url, bibtex link, year, and cited by. Checkout the demo to get a better understanding.

I am still working on refining the webservice. Soon, I will adding options for
1. “number of results” – how many articles you want back (max will be 100)  Use “num” parameter to set number of results
2. “import format” – bibtex/endnote/ or any other format that google can provide Use “format” to get citation format  (1 for RefWorks, 2 for RefMan, 3 for EndNote, 4 for BibTex, and 5 for WenXianWang)

3. boolean option to tell the webservice whether you need authors or not.

Next version will also include authors and journal details of an article.

Currently, I have listed google scholar webservice as Beta. But if you are excited and want to use it, go ahead. I can’t gaurantee, how long it will work before Google decides to blocks my domain and my webserivce. But till then enjoy.

Let me know if you find this interesting or have any suggestions.