Knee Surgery (ACL Reconstruction) Journal

17th June 2009

In an unfortunate event of mugging and assault, I severely damaged my left knee.There are four ligaments in and around a knee: ACL, PCL, MCL, and FCL. ACL and PCL corss each other and are at the center of the knee. They help prevent excessive forward and backward movement of the knee. MCL and FCL are around the knee and prevent sideways movement of the knee. Lastly, there is a meniscus that acts as a shock absorber and prevents rubbing of thigh and shine bone and, thereby prevents arthritics.

diagrama anatomía rodilla en color, knee anato...

In my case, I completely ruptured ACL and MCL and the lateral meniscus got displaced.

19th June – 25th June

I saw four orthopaedic specialists, each having a different opinion, suggestion and a rational. Below is a table comparing their suggestions and arguments.

Specialist Saw on ACL Reconstruction MCL Reconstruction Fixing Meinscus Surgery Time No. of Surgeries
1st 19th June Yes No – grows naturally Yes After swelling goes down – difficult to operate 1
2nd 23th June Yes Yes Yes After swelling goes down – difficult to analyze and operate and let the knee heel by itself for sometime 1
3rd 24th June Yes Yes Yes After swelling goes down 2: ACL surgery should be followed by leg extension physiothearphy. Whereas MCL surgery should be followed by giving a knee rest for two-three weeks. Thus both cannot be operated at the same time
4th 25th June Yes No:  grows naturally Yes As soon as possible. The major concern for him is lateral meinscus. If not treated soon, lateral meniscus might get more damaged increasing chances of arthritics 1

Jun 26th 2009

I decided to go with the fourth specialist. However, If one goes with the above table, the fourth specialist has a very unconventional beliefs. In contrast to all other specialist, the fourth specialist has suggested for a surgery as soon as possible. Nevertheless, my decision to stick with the fourth specialist is based on the fact that he is affiliated with big sports team and specializes in ACL reconstruction. Another big motivation is that I wan’t to get rid of this knee pain as soon as possible and getting surgery quickly done will help with alleviate this problem.

June 30th 2009
Follow up meeting with the fourth specialist. To reduce swelling, the doctor took out some blood from the knee. This helped both in reducing the pain and swelling

July 1st 2009
Surgery started at 1:15. Doctors gave me general anesthesia and bored three holes in my knee. A cadaver was used to reconstruct ACL. Doctors were able to salvage lateral meniscus.

July 2rd 2009
Follow-up meeting with the specialist. The specialist saw the knee and asked his assistant to take out some more blood from my left knee to reduce swelling. Gave me some instructions and asked to visit him again after a month

July 3rd 2009
Started using CPM. The other machine, ice-therapy machine, was not so useful. I found using regular ice pack to be more convenient.

July 10th 2009
Started physio-therapy. Most of the first session was spent on massaging knee and getting my left kneecap mobile.

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4 thoughts on “Knee Surgery (ACL Reconstruction) Journal

  1. Wow – sorry to hear about the mugging and injury. I had knee surgery last year and while it hurts to start with it does get better – don’t skimp the physio.


  2. how is the knee now? I’ve just had ACL reconstruction so keen to know more about how other people are getting along. The mugging incident that caused it sounds awful!

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