30 Day Workout Challenge

Challenge: Go for 30 days workout streak.
Motivation: They say it takes 30 days to make a habit.
Starting Date: 17th May 2009

  1. Keep track of thoughts. Especially note down all the positive and negative thoughts.
  2. No breaks. Although, on some days I can go for easy workout such as walking only. However, break days should be at-least 3 days apart.


Meet the two contestant of this challenge.

The Procrastinator The Achiever

The Procrastinator: He is one powerful evil and the master of rationality and logic. But the problem is he uses rational and logical argument to procrastinate things. He is very active only in building logical arguments to procrastinate important things in life. The very existence of this challenge is because of this powerful procrastinator.

The Achiever: He is a weak humble soul who wants to achieve lot of things in life. He believes in hard work but often losses to the procrastinator.

Ever since I existed, the two have struggled to gain control over my mind. Generally, its the procrastinator that wins.  Let see who wins this challenge.

Score board

Scoring mechanism: if I go to the gym, the achiever gets a point. Otherwise, the procrastinator gets a point

The Achiever:   6
The Procrastinator: 1

The Debate

Day 6 – Friday May 22nd

  • bummer….so finally procrastinator got a point. Yesterday I thought I will go to gym after in the evening. However, in the evening got busy in party and came back home at 10 PM. I could have still gone to gym as the gym is open 24 hrs and is just one block from my apartment. But, influenced by the procrastinator, I started watching a movie.

Day 5 – Thursday May 21st

  • I guessed today the procrastinator worked silently. Although I went to the gym I was not able to enjoy it.I skipped cardio, but did following exercise
    • 3 sets of compound exercise ( lift, balance, curl and shoulder press)
    • 3 sets of cross-cycle
    • 3 sets of shoulder press (sitting on a ball)
    • 3 sets of triceps extension
    • 3 sets of tricep press.
  • Most likely it was procrastinator working silently because of which I was not able to enjoy today’s workout. But it might be also possible that I need to allow my muscle relax. Hence, tomorrow I am planning to do only cardio and stretching exercise. Actually there is a free yoga class in the gym. I should try that.

Day 4 – Wednesday May 20th

  • 11:56 AM – you are so close to completing your thesis and you are running out of time. Skip today’s gym and focus on your thesis. Right now, your thesis is the most important thing. Work on it. You have already worked all major muscle group, take a break for a day and work on your thesis. Don’t listen to him. He just want to procrastinate. Going to gym will make you active and will increase your productivity.
  • 9:40 PM: I must confess that today it was one of the most intense battle that I have ever seen between procrastinator and achiever. The procrastinator even went to the extent of suggesting giving a point to the Achiever without going to the gym. But don’t worry, The achiever is not here to win only this challenge but the whole life long challenge. Finally, the achiever convienced me to go to gym
  • 10 PM: went gm and did

    • Running – 25 min / 2.25 miles
    • Elliptical – 15 min / 1.25 miles
    • Sit-up 2 sets of 12 rep.

Day 3 – Tuesday  May 19th

  • 5:50 AM: Man, you have just gained 3.5 lbs in just one day because of exercise. You should stop going to gym.  You lost 3 lbs last week by not going to the gym.  See exercise is not meant for you. Weight gain can be due to many reasons. May be because of water retention and you just read that 3-5 lbs fluctuation is normal. Just keep on doing. Let complete this challenge and see. But by then, you might gain lot of weight. Exercise cannot cause weight gain as long as you are controlling food, which you are doing I know. Just keep on doing. Do it three more days and on friday take a yoga class. That will stretch your muscles and will allow lactic acid to go. Keep on doing and we will analyze the results after 28 days.
  • 3:15 PM – went gym.

    • 15 min running ( 3 min walk + 6 min @ 6 mph/1 inclination + 6 min @ 7 mph / 0 inclination)
    • Inclined chest press – 3 sets of 35 lbs, 12 repetitions – next time reduce to 30 lbs
    • Push-up – 3 sets, 12 repetitions
    • Chest Extension – 20 lbs, 12 repetitions, 3 sets
    • Chest Press using ball – 20 lbs, 3 sets
    • Rowing – 1000 m in 4 min 30 seconds
    • leg raises

Day 2 – Monday May 18th

  • 10:30 AM – lets go to gym after weekly meeting (which is at 1:30 PM)
  • 3:01 PM lets go to the gym around 4:30 and use this time to work on some new ideas
  • 5:22 PMwent gym
    • 10 min elliptical
    • leg press (4 sets of lbs, 12 repetition)
    • calf press (4 sets of 55 lbs, 12 repetitions)
    • hack machine (4 sets of 45 lbs, 10 repetitions)
    • cross cycle (for core – 3 sets of 25)
    • 10 min cycle
    • Missed – Lunches with rotation & Squats

Day 1 – Sunday May 17th
Mind at work:

  • 7:02 AM –  Will go Gym in the afternoon. Morning time is good for studies and I can effectively use it for writing my thesis.
  • 7:04 AM – man 30 days is too long. Probably I should start with one week or two week. My two cents go for two weeks. Also, doctors don’t suggest working out for 30 days. Take one day at a time and forget about 30 days
  • 10:41 AM – oh man, today is so hot. Just saw the weather and according to the report today afternoon temperate will be around 90 F. Do I really want to go gym in this hot weather and that to in the afternoon. Let’s go in the evening. Talking as if you will be working outside. The gym has controlled environment and you will be never exposed to the sun. Go and get some workout. You will feel good after workout. Don’t your remember that exercise regulates stress hormones and promotes the release of endorphins that make you feel good
  • 7:30 PM – So what happened about the challenge. I got some new ideas about my thesis. Let me just put them in writing otherwise I will forget it. Will go to gym around 9 PM ( 😉 ) . Achiever mind  ( 😡 )
  • 9:oo PM  – Common body, get up and move. Anyway you are not able to write any new sentence (for thesis) and just moving statements from here to there. Go to gym. Oh!!. its already 9 PM. If you will go now, you will get late for bed and tomorrow you will be late for office. Lets forget about this challenge and we will start it again sometime later.
  • 9:15 PM: Ahh, finally I got a chance to win.

    • 5 min walk (3.5 mph) + 7 min running (6 mph / 1 inclination) + 3 min walk (3.5 mph / 0.5 inclination)
    • Lower T-Row (4 sets of 90 lbs and 10 repetition)
    • Back Extension (4 sets of 10 repetition)
    • Upper Back T-Row (3 sets of 80 lbs, 12 repetition + 1 set of 95 lbs, 10 repetition)
    • Lift & Swing (Squat Raises ) – (3 sets with 30 lbs and 10 repetition)
    • Sit-ups (3 sets at 2 inclination, 10 repetitions)
    • 5 minutes elliptical
    • Missed Chin-ups, 10 minutes of elliptical, 1 set of situp and 1 set of lift & swing


8 thoughts on “30 Day Workout Challenge

  1. Hey Ritesh,

    I am glad you are doing this!

    I confess I am a procrastinator too…. Should take a similar challenge!

    Keep us posted here.

    Good luck,

  2. Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

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