Urban shock

Wow, finally got my Internet connection started. I have been waiting for it for quite sometime, as I wanted to share my ‘Urban Shock’ experience. 

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Last month was terrible as I moved from State College, a small university town and home of Nittany Lion and Joe Paterno, to Bay Area or SFO, an urban city. After spending six years as a graduate student and living in small university town, I got used to certain things in life such as to live frugually, shopping at Walmart,  sharing apartment, spend less than 10 minutes on commuting, etc. However, as I moved to San Francisco last month, I was suddenly gripped by an Urban shock. My urban shock came in the following ways:

1. Paying more than $1000 for a 1BHK apartment. In State College, I was sharing a 3 bed-room apt and the whole 3BHK apt. cost less than $900

2. Commuting more than 1 hour each way. Wow..this was something I never imagined. Everyday I spend more than 2 and 1/2 hour commuting and this is not unusual for people working in San Francisco city. I regularly meet many people in BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) that have been doing this for generations (figuratively). In university, I hardly had to walk more than 15 minutes to get to college from my apartment.

3. Home alone. Well, for time-being I am enjoying the solitude. But, I am sure soon the same solitude will get onto my nerve.  

4. 8 hours are too-much: In college, I often thought that I am working more than 8 hours. However, I guess, that was only my false belief. For last two weeks, I have been working continuously 8-5 and now realizing that 8 hours is too-much. Every-day, I just wait for the friday 5 PM, so that I can go home and relax the whole weekend. 

5. Ironing clothes: Wow, this was another big shock. In the last 6 years, I don’t remember a single day when I ironed my clothes. I am even not sure whether I had a iron 😦 . However, now, I have to iron my clothes everyday.

6. Day starts at 5:30 AM: In college, my day used to start at noon (even those were good days). But now I had to get up at 5:30 so I can get time to iron my clothes, have breakfast and leave for BART station by 6:30 AM so as to reach office by 8 AM. 

the list goes on..Nevertheless, SFO is a great place and I am enjoying its fast-pace life. It has a energy that I never experienced in any other big city. 


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