What’s your plan?

Image Source: 72oz. Sip
Artist:  Jesse Royston

As an international student from India studying in The United States of America, I often come face-to-face with the question “What’s your plan?”. Although, seemingly a vague question, it is not. In the context of Indian international students, it means “am I planning to return to India and if so when?”.

For most Indian international students, especially when you are single child or all of your brothers and sisters are out of India and only your parents and relatives are India, the question is not trivial but a question that is full of dichotomies. On one hand you have aging parents who needs your love, care, and support and on the other you have your own life, your goals and desires. On one hand you have the opportunity to fulfill your own and your family’s desires, on other hand there is constant anxiety and fear about your legal status in USA. On one hand you have the all social culture, customs, and festivals with which you identify yourself and on the other hand India bureaucracy and politics, long working hours and day-to-day struggle maintaining basic living.

Answering the above question would have been simple if I could list all the parameters that concerns me, identify positive and negative aspects related to each of these parameters, clearly list all my own priorities and, thereby, apply proper deductive logical reasoning and come to a conclusion. Nevertheless, similar to many decisions of life, such a decision about “India or USA” seems to be beyond the realm of logical reasoning but more in the realm of emotional and social realm.

(Note: Thanks to Jesse for allowing me use one of her portrait for this blog)


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