Think twice before publishing your blog


Today, without putting much thought, I published one of my blog post that I should have never made publicly available. Luckily, one of my colleaque realized the mistake I made and conveyed it to me. In less than two hours of posting my blog, I made the blog private again. I verified that no one is able to access that particular post. Not only, I logged out myself from my desktop to verify that the post is not publicly viewable, but also tried different machine to be extra cautious. I also searched on google for my blog and did find a link to it; but luckily google did not cache that page. I was happy that no damage is made.

However, this feeling of “no damage” didn’t last long. After few hours of making my blog private, as I opened Google Reader, to my horror, it showed one new post infront of my blog. Shakingly, I click on it and found that the blog post was already cached by google reader. Grrrr…….Even though, I made by blog post private, Google reader never bothered to check its status again and verify whether the cached version is currently public or private. Now, I can only hope no one else has my blog setup on any automated feed.

But this also tells me one more thing about RSS and associated technologies. They are good for sharing resources but have no provision for pulling resources back. Shouldn’t there be one for such cases?. I believe, in an ideal world situation, Google reader should have verified again that my blog post is public or not. However, this is not an ideal world. So just be careful and think twice, thrice and many more times before putting anything on your blog.


2 thoughts on “Think twice before publishing your blog

  1. Nonono, it should *not* go back and check. Revisionist history is a *bad* thing. You let out more than you intend? That’s not the end-user’s problem. Allowing someone to retract things from the public eye whenever they wish, and have this change cascade through the entire internet, would be horrible.

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