Making web buttons using MS Powerpoint 2007 and Macromedia fireworks


Can you believe this? I made the above web button in less than two minutes using “Microsoft Powerpoint 2007” and “Macromedia Fireworks”. But before I go any more, probably I should clarify why I didn’t just use Fireworks or Photoshop to build the above button. The answer is that I am not a graphics designer and was never able to get my head around the multiple panels of Fireworks and Photoshop. On the other hand, MS Powerpoint 2007 provides many professionally designed default graphical shapes that can be easily customized.

Interestingly, this week, I discovered that you can combine positive aspects of Powerpint and Fireworks to build great web graphics. With few clicks, you can easily make beautiful web buttons and backgrounds using MS Powerpoint 2007. Once you are satisfied, group all the graphical shapes, copy the grouped object and paste it in a new blank Fireworks file. Adjust image size and resolution in Fireworks, use the “Fit Canvas” option, and export the graphics into JPEG, PNG, or GIF using the “Export wizard”. That’s all you need to do for creating great web buttons. It’s that simple.



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