“Coffee hour to go” – Pennstate Geography Coffee hour goes Digital

In a suprising and quick move, Pennstate Geography made, yet, another attempt to make sure that its graduate students do not miss “Coffee hour”. Previous attempts involved coffee and cookies, hence coffee hour 🙂 , and then pursuasion and course credit (1 credit). But no form of bribe got our graduate students moving. Finally, the Department unleashed its “black jack” card and employed the technology. Now coffee hour are available as Podcast. Now, no matter whereever you are in space and time, graduate students have no reason to miss the Friday evening coffee hour 😦 .


2 thoughts on ““Coffee hour to go” – Pennstate Geography Coffee hour goes Digital

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  2. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for your concern. But I never meant that coffee hour is all about coffee. Its more for socializing and listening 45min research presentation. However, after reading your comment, I don’t think I will be able to enjoy my morning coffee any more 😦

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