Cheat Sheet for English!

Recently I came across an George Gopen’s excellent book on English writing, “The Sense of Structure“. After reading the book, I realized that English writing at the conceptual level is same as object oriented programming (although this is not the intended message of Gopen’s book). For instance, you can think of grammatical rules as syntaxes of a programming language. Similarly you can think of word organization in a sentence and sentence organization in a paragraph as design patterns of programming.

Realizing these similarities between English and a programming language gave me a new idea for improving my writing. While programming, I constantly refer to cheats sheets containing design patterns, api docs, etc. Referring to these cheat sheets help me to build a mental library of programming techniques and, thereby, to be an effective programmer. Borrowing the same idea of cheat sheet from a programming paradigm, I built a cheat sheet for English writing . You can download it from here: Cheat Sheet for English

As in programming, I hope that constantly referring this english cheat sheet will help me to overcome mistakes in my writing. Let me know if you feel my writing has improved  🙂


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