Interesting World Population Distribution Cartogram

 World Map Population Distribution

Source: WorldMapper  (Link to Map)

Geographers always find innovative ways to display geographic data and at the same time amuse people. One such map technique that I always find very interesting is cartograms.  I was just checking about India’s population and came across this cartogram.

The funniest thing was that as soon as my friend saw the above map, he compared India to a “morbidly obese person”

Some Facts about India Population (Did you know that! )

1. India’s population is 1.13 Billion
2. India’s population is 4 times America’s population and 1/3 in area
3. Every year, population almost equivalent to Australia’s population (20 million)  gets added to India (1 billion) 

 You might also want to checkout other world cartograms at WorldMapper.


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