Nutrition Calculator

Recently, I have been keeping a close watch on nutrition, mainly as I am trying to get rid of some excess kgs. I was suprised how bad are most fast food restaurants in reporting the nutritional value in their food. Most of these fast food restaurants allow customizing food, but their websites rarely provide options to determine exact calorie in your customized food. Hence, below I have categorized these fast food restaurants into two. First, that allow to provide nutrition calculator and thus allow to customize your tray and determine exact calories in your food. Second, that don’t offer nutrition calculator and only provide PDF

1. Fast food restaurants offering nutrition calculator

2. Fast food restaurant with only PDF



8 thoughts on “Nutrition Calculator

  1. Adopting a low-salt diet magically helps me lose weight. It kind of makes sense. Our unhealthiest foods are also the ones with a lot of salt (or tend to be). I guess you could still gain weight on things like ice cream, but usually it’s salty fast food.

  2. I recently created a calculator for Subway. I did this because it was too much of a pain to figure out the nutrition from their PDF. Check it out in the link to my website, above.

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